Program Overview

Swim with Donna Swim School uses a technique-based progression program for teaching swim lessons.  Our program is simple, goal motivated and technique based. The program is a logical progression of swimming skills that teaches a child or adult to swim correctly and efficiently. Our primary goal is to teach students how to be safe in and around the water.

We believe each child learns at his own pace. We offer four types of classes:

  • Private (1:1) - Most of our lessons are on a one-to-one student/instructor ratio. Students develop a one-on-one relationship with instructors, creating an atmosphere of trust that makes learning more effective.
  • Semi-private (2:1) - These lessons are great for families or friends that have two students around the same age and skill level who want to learn together. The instructor works at the pace of both children, guiding them through the progression of Swim With Donna levels.
  • Group (2-4:1) - These lessons are perfect for families and friends* that have three or more students around the same age and skill level who are looking for a more economical alternative. The instructor works at the pace of the group, guiding them through the progression of Swim With Donna levels. The student/teacher ratio is 2 (minimum) or 4 (maximum):1.
  • SwimBabies (2-6:1) - There must be one parent/caregiver per child in the water. This is a water adaptation class. It is not a “drown proofing” class. It is a wonderful class for helping to make your child comfortable in the water. It helps prepare children for the next step—swimming without Mom or Dad. It is not our intention to teach these children to swim. We use a gentle, loving approach to introduce swimming skills to our youngest students. We work with the parent to introduce basic swimming skills such as breath control, submersion, kicking, reaching, back float, and safety. Gentle submersions are introduced when the child is relaxed and ready. We use a structured program of songs, games, and fun activities to teach you and your child.
Swim Diaper Policy: All children under 4 MUST wear a reusable cloth swim diaper* with tight fitting elastic waist and legs. Disposable swim diapers are not allowed. No Exceptions. This policy is for the safety of everyone that is in the pool when accidents occur. Even potty-trained children can have accidents, especially children under 4 years.

Older students that are not 100% potty-trained must also wear a reusable swim diaper. We consider a child 100% potty-trained when they no longer need a diaper during naptime or bedtime. 

Outdoors you must follow the policies of the neighborhood pool association. 

All instructors are trained to teach the
Swim With Donna method, using praise, patience and persistence. This provides each student with a positive learning experience.

Group lessons

Group lessons are scheduled in sessions of 8 lessons, either 1 or more days/week; each class is 30, 45, or 60 minutes. The 45 and 60 minute classes are for adults and older, more advanced students (6 years and up.) Students will be grouped by age and swimming ability. 

 Group Lesson Age Requirements & Maximum/Minimum # of Students/Class
 Class Type  Ages  Maximum # of Students  Minimum # of Students


 6-17 months

 6 (indoors) Not currently offered outdoors

2 (indoors)  

 18-36 months
 6 (indoors) Not currently offered outdoors

 2 (indoors) 
3 -5 years

 4 (indoors/outdoors)

 2 (indoors) / 3 (outdoors)

 Grade School  6 - 14 years

 4 (indoors/outdoors)

 2 (indoors) / 3 (outdoors)
 Adults  15 and up
 4 (indoors/outdoors)
 2 (indoors) / 3 (outdoors) 

Groups are formed based on the above age groups. To join a group the student must be at least the minimum age by the first class.

*At the discretion of the management, other ages may be combined to make a group depending on the maturity and swimming ability of the students.